Siegfried Giedion: Mechanization Takes Command (1948)

20 April 2014, dusan

First published in 1948, Mechanization Takes Command is an examination of mechanization and its effects on everyday life. A monumental figure in the field of architectural history, Siegfried Giedion traces the evolution and resulting philosophical implications of such disparate innovations as the slaughterhouse, the Yale lock, the assembly line, tractors, ovens, and “comfort” as defined by advancements in furniture design. A groundbreaking text when originally published, Giedion’s pioneering work remains an important contribution to architecture, philosophy, and technology studies.

Publisher Oxford University Press, New York, 1948
Third printing, 1970
743 pages
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Review (John E. Sawyer, The Journal of Economic History, 1949)
Review (Harry Elmer Barnes, American Journal of Sociology, 1949)
Review (William F. Ogburn, The American Historical Review, 1948)
Review (Henry Guerlac, American Quarterly, 1949)
Review (Donald Horton, American Sociological Review, 1948)
Review (Paul Zucker, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, 1949)
Review (Arthur P. Molella, Technology and Culture, 2002)
Review (Tom Vanderbilt, Bookforum, 2010)

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Charles Alexander (ed.): Talking the Boundless Book: Art, Language, & the Book Arts (1995)

18 April 2014, dusan

Essays from Art & Language: Re-Reading the Boundless Book, a Minnesota Center for the Book Arts Symposium, 1994: Dick Higgins, Steven Clay, Johanna Drucker, Charles Bernstein, Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr., Susan Bee, Toshi Ishihara & Linda Reinfeld, Katherine Kuehn, Jo Anne Paschall, Colette Gaiter, Alison Knowles, Byron Clercx, Brad Freeman, Karen Wirth.

Publisher Minnesota Center for Book Arts, Minneapolis, 1995
ISBN 1879832097, 9781879832091
144 pages

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Wolf Vostell, Dick Higgins (eds.): Fantastic Architecture (1971)

17 April 2014, dusan

Published by Dick Higgins’ own seminal Something Else Press, Fantastic Architecture is an adaptation of the German book Pop Architektur (Droste Verlag, Düsseldorf, 1969) and features artists involved in Fluxus, pop and conceptual art movements addressing the field of architecture through collages, captions and mini-manifestos.

With works by Gerhard Rühm, Claes Oldenburg, Raoul Hausmann, Kurt Schwitters, Erich Buchholz, John Cage, Wolf Vostell, Richard Hamilton, Hans Hollein, Pol Bury, Stefan Wewerka, Dick Higgins, Addi Koepcke, Bici Hendricks, Geoffrey Hendricks, Lawrence Weiner, Joseph Beuys, Milan Knížák, Dennis Oppenheim, Franz Mon, Carolee Schneemann, Ben Vautier, Robert Filliou, Diter Rot, Ay-o, Francis Starr, Alison Knowles, Philip Corner, Douglas Huebler, Michael Heizer, Jan Dibbets, K.H. Hoedicke, Jan Jacob Herman, Buckminster Fuller, Jean Tinguely and Daniel Spoerri.

Texts from German translated by Joachim Neugroschel
Publisher Something Else Press, New York, 1971
ISBN 0871100894, 9780871100894

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Journal of Peer Production, No. 4: Value and Currency (2014)

17 April 2014, dusan

“In the context of earlier understandings of peer production, the question of value and even more of currency has been rather marginal. This issue of the Journal of Peer Production (JoPP) demonstrates that theories and practices of value and currency are moving into the foreground. There has been a veritable explosion of experiments with currency and also a continuing metrics creep in many peer projects and beyond. More fundamentally, though, the question of value and how it circulates through a collective body is central to any mature theory of social organisation.” (from the Introduction)

With contributions by Annika Richterich, Alexandre Mallard, Cécile Méadel and Francesca Musiani, Quinn DuPont, Johan Söderberg, and comments by Amir Taaki, Beat Weber, Michel Bauwens, and Miguel Said Vieira & Primavera De Filippi.

Edited by Nathaniel Tkacz, Nicolas Mendoza and Francesca Musiani
Published in April 2014
Open Access
ISSN 2213-5316

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Le Corbusier: Complete Works in 8 Volumes (1930-70) [French/English/German]

17 April 2014, dusan

Published between 1930 and 1970, in close collaboration with Le Corbusier himself the eight volumes comprise a comprehensive record of the buildings, projects, sketchbooks, manifestos, drawings, and texts of one of the 20th century’s most influential architect.

Volumes 1-2, 4-7 edited by Willy Boesiger; Volume 1 co-edited by Oscar Stonorov, Volume 3 edited by Max Bill
Publisher: Les Éditions d’Architecture, Zurich
1708 pages


Vol. 1: 1910-29 (59 MB)
Vol. 2: 1929-34 (59 MB)
Vol. 3: 1934-38 (47 MB)
Vol. 4: 1938-46 (53 MB)
Vol. 5: 1946-52 (74 MB)
Vol. 6: 1952-57 (77 MB)
Vol. 7: 1957-65 (69 MB)
Vol. 8: The Last Works (71 MB)
All volumes (magnet link, 508 MB)

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