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Pachube, Arduino, RFID, ubicomp, dynamic environments, hybrid architecture, sensors, smart buildings, everyware, Extended Environments Markup Language (EEML), spimes (Sterling's term for for 'space-time objects'), wrangling (Sterling's term for being actively and productively engaged and responsible in the development of spimed environments), interactive design, urban computing, situated technologies, wearable computing




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Locative media

communities of practice

Art and technology centres, Art servers, Circuit bending, Copyright activism, Cypherpunk, Data activism, Demoscene, Digital libraries, DIY biology, Federated networks, File sharing, FLOSS, Game art, Hacker culture, Hackerspaces, Hacktivism, Internet activism, Internet of things, Libre graphics, Live coding, Maker culture, Media archives, Net art, Neural aesthetics, Open hardware, Software art, VJing, VVVV.
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