New Ink Art

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The tree on the riverbank by Alfred Freddy Krupa

Related terms: New Ink Art Movement[1][2], Modern Ink Painting[3][4][5], Modern European Ink Painting[6]


Lui Shou-Kwan, Chui Tze-Hung, Wong King-Seng, Yu-Ichi, Qiu Anxiong, Lin Fengmian, Kan Tai-Keung, Leung But-Yin, Zhu Yu, Gu Wenda Xu Beihong, Carrie Koo Mei, Alfred Freddy Krupa, Wang Tiande, Irene Chou Lu Yun, Yeung Yick-Chung, Liu Dan, Yang Yiechang,

Artists' writings[edit]

Essays, statements, programmatic texts, manifestos[edit]

  • Alfred Freddy Krupa, New Ink Art Manifesto (1996)[7], Drawing with ink (1994)[8], Sumi-e from the Perspective of a Traditional Academically-trained European Artist(2013)[9], The Theory Of Strings/Theory Of Everything In The Modern (Ink) Painting Practice? (2017)[10]