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Academic Film Center Belgrade (Akademski filmski centar Beograd). The Belgrade circle, gathered around the Academic Film Center founded by Predrag Čonkić in 1958, was characterized by the tendency to move away from the traditional model of "academic cinema", but not in the structuralist way of the Zagreb Center. Belgrade filmmakers stressed the artist's right to individual expression and were largely inspired largely by surrealist and Russian film. Very soon they revealed a predilection for presenting reality in an "unembellished" form and offering a deep psychological motivation for their characters. Thus the so-called Black Wave emerged, proposing pessimistic films offering a turbid image of reality, with central figures like Dušan Makavejev and Živojin Pavlović. (Ana Janevski)

In 1974 it relocated to New Belgrade within the Dom kulture Studentski grad.

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