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'''Spaces''': [[De Balie]], [[Quarantine]], [[Waag Society]].
'''Spaces''': [[De Balie]], [[Quarantine]], [[Waag Society]].
'''Art workers''': [[Eric Kluitenberg]] (1965), [[Geert Lovink]] (1959).
'''Art workers''': [[Eric Kluitenberg]] (1965), [[Geert Lovink]] (1959), [[Irad Lee]].

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Initiatives: Adilkno (*1983), De Balie, Institute of Network Cultures (*2004), Montevideo, STEIM, Virtueel Platform (*1998), Waag Society for Old and New Media (*1994), xs4all (*1993).

Festivals: Next 5 Minutes (*1993).
Events: Culture 2.0 (2007), Recalling RFID (2007), New Network Theory conference (2007), (C)lick Me netporn festival (2007).
Past events: The Art and Politics of Netporn conference (2005), Incommunicado conference (2005), E-Culture Fair 2 (2003), E-Culture Fair (2000), Net.Congestion (2000), Tulipomania DotCom conference (2000), That Media Thing 1+2 symposium (1999), P2P Conference (1997).

Spaces: De Balie, Quarantine, Waag Society.

Art workers: Eric Kluitenberg (1965), Geert Lovink (1959), Irad Lee.

media culture of the 1990s and onwards

Amsterdam, Bergen, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, London, New York City, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rotterdam, Vienna, Warsaw, Zagreb.