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Andrey Khlobystin (Андрей Хлобыстин, 1961, Leningrad) is an artist and art historian based in St. Petersburg. After graduating in Art History from Zhdanov Leningrad State University in 1983, he managed the Lower Park Palaces at Peterhof, and worked as a registrar at the Hermitage Museum’s Research Library and the Diaghilev Museum of Modern Art of St. Petersburg State University. He has taught at Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Russian Christian Academy for the Humanities, and St. Petersburg State University. He was among the founders of the Leningrad Art Historians’ Club in 1985, collaborated with the New Artists from the early the 1980s, and became the Secretary of The New Academy of Fine Arts in 1995. He published the journals Khudozhestvennaya volya and Geniy and the newspaper Susanin (

In 2000, he founded St. Petersburg Archive and Library of Independent Art at Pushkinskaya 10, and in 2008 the St. Petersburg Video Archive. He has published texts in samizdat and is the editor of the reference book Neofitsialnaya stolitsa [Неофициальная столица] (2000) and the author of Shizoyevolyutsiya. Ocherki peterburgskoy kul'tury vtoroy poloviny XX veka [Шизоеволюция. Очерки петербургской культуры второй половины ХХ века; Schizorevolution. Essays on the Petersburg Culture of the Second Half of the Twentieth Century] (2017)