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International Congress on "Correlations between art, natural science and technology".

Place: Kunstlerhaus, Vienna, Karlsplatz 5
Date: mid-March 1978
Organizer: Gesellschaft bildender Kunstler Wiens, Kunstlerhaus


  • l. Contrasts between art and technology - general aspects
  • 2. Technical media in the field of art
  • 3. Projects for the future in the sphere bi:tween art and technology
  • 4. Possibility and benefit of the rational theory of art
  • 5. Associations between art and natural science
  • 6. Training of artists in the technical era

Topics of discussion:

  • 1. International cooperation for promoting connections between art and technology
  • 2. Positive measures for organization and communication
  • 3. Practical aspects for realization and institutionalization .

A large exhibition of apparative art (computer art, generative photography, kinetics and video-art) was supposed to take place in the Union of Artists "Kunstlerhaus" in Vienna in February/March 1978. Main emphasis was on graphic works, but also dias, films, videotapes and the like. Coordination: Herbert Franke. EXHIBITION NEVER TOOK PLACE.