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Artyčok.TV is a not-for-profit online TV channel covering the emerging art scene in Europe. Artyčok (artichoke) aims to reach beyond the obvious to create media coverage, publicity and archive online for projects that may not be attractive to mainstream media despite their importance in the independent arts sector. Through following outstanding European artists, projects, exhibitions and talks we create a broader cultural dialogue, support collaborations and provide a comprehensive access to emerging and young artist’s work in our online archive.

Since 2005 Artyčok has been reporting from the art scene in Central Europe (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Slovenia and Moldavia) and at the present it's expanding to London, France and the Netherlands.

Artyčok was founded as a non-for-profit broadcasting internet TV platform at the Academy of Arts in Prague (AVU) to feature news from the contemporary arts scene. In 2005, digital archive was established for contributions from exhibition’s openings, interviews with artists/curators and documentaries from workshops, art competitions and lectures. Presently, our online archive is the largest resource of emerging artist’s work, in particular of digital and media arts in Central and Eastern Europe. The development of the project is possible due to a collaboration between international professional teams and their partners in local art institutions. The initiative aims to provide an information hub for European emerging artists, curators and audiences as well as a platform for exchange of ideas and international collaborations reflecting the importance of the web as a main communication tool of the future.

One of the main ethos of the portal is an objective and multi-dimensional approach encouraging discussion and plurality, represented by a critical approach of the editorial team. The project was established and coordinated by Dušan Záhoranský a Jan Zahradníček under creative direction of Jan Vidlička, František Zachoval, Jan Habrman (AVU, Prague) and Ivan Svoboda who presently manage the editorial content of the platform.

In 2008 a section for 4D and time-based media art was set up focusing on works in a wider cultural context with interdisciplinary approach. The database is a part of the collection of the Academy or Arts in Prague under the management of DigiLab and the Science&Arts Research Centre of the AVU.

Exhibitions, art projects and lectures are distributed under the Creative Commons (CC) license by-nc-sa. The materials under category audiovisual are being made available for noncommercial and educational use only. All rights belong to the author(s).