Au Travail

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Au Travail
Author Manuel
Language French
Publisher La Crypte Tonique (5€)
City Brussels
Year 2019
Pages 224
Format 7.6 cm x 11.6 cm
E-book PDF (128 mb)

Blow Books is a project initiated in 2017 by Philippe Capart (head of La Crypte Tonique) with an idea to sell small format picture books (7.6 x 11.6 cm) through specialised vending machines at a low price (5 euros). As stated in their press release, “bande dessinee, by abandoning the press cartoons in favor of the book format, and then by generalising the use of large hardcover formats, whatever the quality of their content, cease to be popular: due to their high price, they are no longer accessible to the regular reader. For their part, because of their price, graphic novels in various formats always address the privileged few. Blow Books is therefore a humble proposal to get out of this situation”. Au Travail, is one of the collection’s books and comes from Liège-based comics artist Manuel, who is also known for his work published by l’Association in France. (from publisher, amended)