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Aymeric Mansoux (FR) is an artist, musician and media researcher, with a background in economics, fine art, graphic design, and computer programming.

In 2003 with Thomas Vriet, he co-founded GOTO10, a collective of artists using and writing free software in the context of electronic, noise, improvisation music, and media art. Aymeric has been active in the collective until 2010. During his participation in GOTO10, he has helped organise and teach several dozens workshops, and has initiated several projects such as: Make Art, a yearly international festival for software artists and musicians; Puredyne, a live GNU/Linux distribution for media art and design (with Chun Lee and Antonios Galanopoulos) and FLOSS+Art, the first collection of essays on free and open source software and digital art production (co-edited with Marloes de Valk).

In 2009, he is invited by Florian Cramer to join the staff of the Media Design and Communication Master of the Piet Zwart Institute in Rotterdam, where he currently works as senior lecturer. Aymeric is also a PhD candidate at the Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London, under the supervision of Matthew Fuller, researching the struggle to define cultural freedom in the context of societies structured by techno-legal openness.

Aymeric's works have been exhibited internationally, and he performs regularly with Chun Lee as part of 0xA.

His latest collaborations are Naked on Pluto (with Marloes de Valk and Dave Griffiths), a project that aims at unfolding the issues of software mediation in the context of privacy and communication within a proprietary and commercial social network such as Facebook; The SKOR Codex with La Société Anonyme, a limited edition of eight hand bound books of raw data dumps that mimic NASA’s Golden Disc Record, aiming at documenting the life at a Dutch institution before it ceased to exists with the 2012 Dutch art funding cuts; FREE?! (with Eric Kluitenberg, a conference and exhibition on the current state and future of free culture; and LURK (with Alex McLean), an independent e-mail and web discussion platform for computational culture.