Barbara Büscher

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Barbara Büscher is Professor of Media Theory, Media History and Intermediality at the University of Music and Theatre "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig. Her current research interests are the mediality of artefacts of performance archives, interfaces between theatre/performance and media, and space as a constituent parameter of art arrangements.

From 2012-2017 she headed together with Franz Anton Cramer (UdK Berlin) the research project Verzeichnungen. Archivprozesse der Aufführungskünste [Distortions: Archive Processes of Performing Arts].

Since 2017 she leads together with Annette Menting the research project Architektur und Raum für die Aufführungskünste: Entwicklungen seit den 1960er Jahren [Architecture and Space for Performing Arts: Developments since the 1960s]. She is the initiator and co-publisher of the online journal MAP - Media | Archive | Performance. (2017)

  • Wirklichkeitstheater, Straßentheater, Freies Theater. Entstehung und Entwicklung freier Theatergruppen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland 1968-79, Frankfurt/M., 1987. Dissertation. (German)
  • editor, with Carena Schlewitt, Freies Theater. Deutsch-deutsche Materialien, Hagen, 1991. (German)
  • Live Electronic Arts und Intermedia: die 1960er Jahre, Leipzig: Universität Leipzig, 2002, 453 pp. Habilitation. [1] (German)
  • co-editor, Ästhetik als Programm: Max Bense/Daten und Streuungen, Zürich/Berlin: diaphanes, 2004, 308 pp. Collected papers from the symposium Stuttgart 1960: Computers in Theory and Art held at the Schloss Solitude in 2004. [2] (German)
  • editor, with Jana Horáková, Imaginary Spaces: Raum/Prostor - Medien/Média - Performance/Performance, Prague: KLP-Koniasch Latin Press, 2008, 229 pp. [3] (German)/(Czech)
  • co-editor, MAP - Media | Archive | Performance. Forschungen zu Medien, Kunst und Performance, Leipzig, since 2009. Online journal. (German)
  • co-editor, Umění a nová média, Brno: Masarykova Univerzita, 2011, 188 pp. [4] (Czech)
  • co-editor, Raumverschiebung Black Box–White Cube, Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 2014. TOC. (German)
  • editor, with Franz Anton Cramer, Fluid Access: Archiving Performance-Based Arts, Hildesheim: Georg Olms, 2017, 256 pp. (German)
  • more