Botschaft e.V.

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In May 1990 a group of 13 people working on an interdisciplinary basis united to form Botschaft e.V. in Berlin. Their location in the eastern part of the city and the vacuums created by the fall of the Wall formed an essential part of their activities. In the summer of 1990 the group occupied rooms in the WMF building and, from 1991, worked at Kronenstrasse 3 in the city's Mitte district. Here, they opened the Friseur Club in 1992, confronting a bar-type clientele with various events devoted to specific topics. The constitution of the members varied from project to project, the group always functioning both as a pool of information and as a forum for work and discussion. Botschaft's projects included ‘Dromomania' (1990), ‘richtig '92' (1992), ‘IG Farben: Performance einer Aktie' (Performance of a Share; November 1993) and ‘Berlin/NY/Beirut' (1995-96). Dissolved in 1996.