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Early electronic music


  • Number of composers visit Summer School of New Music in Darmstadt.
  • Number of composers works with WDR studio Cologne.
  • Number of composers works with GRM studio Paris.
  • Warsaw Autumn Festival.



Polish Radio Experimental Studio Warsaw (1957, Patkowski), Experimentalstudio für künstliche Klang- und Geräuscherzeugung Berlin (1962), Experimental Studio of Slovak Radio (1965, Kolman), Experimental Studio of Czech Radio Pilsen (1967-94), New Music Studio Budapest (1970), Electro-acoustic Music Studio at Academy of Music Krakow (1973, Patkowski), Electronic music studio Sofia (1974), Electroacoustic Music Studio of the Hungarian Radio Budapest (1975, Decsényi), Audiostudio of Czechoslovak Radio Prague (1990-94), Theremin Center Moscow (1992, Smirnov)


Jozef Patkowski (Warsaw), Wlodzimierz Kotonski (Warsaw), Peter Kolman (Bratislava), Miloslav Kabeláč (Pilsen), Vladimír Lébl (theorist, Prague), Péter Eötvös (Budapest), Zoltán Jeney (Budapest), László Vidovszky (Budapest), László Sáry (Budapest)


Prague, 1960s
Warsaw, mid-1950s-60s

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