Congress of International Progressive Artists

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The Congress of International Progressive Artists [Kongress der Union Internationaler Fortschrittlicher Künstler] was organised by Künstlervereinigung Das Junge Rheinland in Düsseldorf on 29-31 May 1922. Participants included the November Group from Berlin, the Darmstadt Secession, the Dresden Secession Group 1919, the Halle Artist Group, the German Werkbund, Herwarth Walden of the magazine Der Sturm and representatives of the Italian Futurists and the Russian Constructivists. The aim of the congress was to form a union to enforce common interests, however after violent disagreements this was not realised.

The event became the occasion for the formation of The International Faction of Constructivists, organised by Theo Van Doesburg (representing the journal De Stijl), Hans Richter (representing 'the Constructivist groups of Romania, Switzerland, Scandinavia and Germany') and El Lissitzky (representing the editorial board of Veshch'-Gegenstand-Objet). The faction's declaration was later published in De Stijl (no. 4, 1922).

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