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  • field is a project in progress …
  • field is a design center, for theory and practice. It is a multidimensional field of design, architecture, urban art and new media.
  • field is being exploited, cultivated, enriched, and expanded on Bulgarian soil by designers, architectures and artists.

The main intention of field is to attract professionals occupied in the area of design, architecture, urbanism, contemporaneous art, and new media. The final goal is activating a professional society seeking education, self-education, and occupation with local and international projects in the fields of design and its social application.

  • We want to create a theoretical-discursive field (real and virtual) that should attract professionals with similar notions about the core functions and meaning of design.
  • field intend to produce direct opportunities for

an exchange of ideas, experience, vision, and enthusiasm between professionals from Bulgaria and colleagues from abroad.

  • The social and the creative function of the design process should be presented and discussed public.
  • The opinion of the professionals in the sphere of design and architecture should attain the deserved weight in the Bulgarian society.

People involved: Vania Valkova, Mira Padevska, Rummy Staneva, Odilia Yankova, Stefan Abadjiev, Alexander Alexandrov, Todor Penkov, Dimiter Kolev, Theodor Liho, Diliana Parvanova, Pencho Parvanov, Dona Madjarova, Stefan Simov, Leonid Sharlandzhiev, Nikolai Angelov