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Also electronic libraries, online libraries.


This section is dedicated to online library initiatives hosting publications in multiple languages.

Initiatives with dedicated wiki pages

Art and humanities libraries

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General interest libraries

  • Library Genesis (LibGen), has multiple interfaces, mirrors and versions [1] [2] [3]; based in Russia.
  •, formerly Ebooksclub and Gigapedia, now closed down.
  • Bibliotik, a torrent site for e-books.
  • Open Library, an e-book lending library, operated by the Internet Archive.
Public domain and Creative Commons texts
  • Project Gutenberg, est. 1971 by Michael Hart, has over 46k books in plain text, subsequently also converted to other formats. Hosted by ibiblio at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Internet Archive, est. 1996 by Brewster Kahle. The section 'eBooks and Texts' contains almost 8M scanned texts as high-resolution images, subsequently also converted to other formats.
  • Wikisource, a Wikimedia project started 2003. Contains around .5M texts in wiki form.
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Workshops and conferences


Journal issues and special sections
Survey articles
Academic writings
Further reading

Texts listed on the wiki pages of respective initiatives: UbuWeb, Monoskop, Aaaaarg.

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Digital humanities, Art servers, Media archives, Documentation science, Commons, Copyright activism, Internet activism

Art and Culture

Avant-garde and modernist magazines, Artists' publishing, Graphic design, Photography, Typewriter art, Multimedia environments, Design research, Video activism, Urban practices, Zine culture, Demoscene, VJing, Live cinema, Media labs, Cyberfeminism, Community television, Hacktivism, Art servers, Hackerspaces, CD-ROM art, Circuit bending, Pure Data, Media archives, VVVV, Maker culture, Glitch art, Live coding, Locative media, Libre graphics, Electromagnetism, Surf clubs, DIY biology, Post-digital, Neural aesthetics.
See also Art styles and movements.