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category            = Experimental film
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; Journals and Magazines
; Journals and Magazines
* [http://monoskop.org/log/?p=5987 ''Cinim'' magazine, Nos. 1-3], 1967-1969.
* [http://monoskop.org/log/?p=5987 ''Cinim'' magazine, Nos. 1-3], 1967-1969.
* Adams P. Sitney (ed.), ''Film Culture Reader'', Cooper Square Press, 1970; 2nd Ed., 2000.
* ''[http://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/ Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media]'', Nos. 1-54, 1974-2011. Edited by John Hess, Chuck Kleinhans and Julia Lesage.
* ''[http://www.ejumpcut.org/archive/ Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media]'', Nos. 1-54, 1974-2011. Edited by John Hess, Chuck Kleinhans and Julia Lesage.
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{{Media art and culture}}
{{Media art and culture}}

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