Francis Hunger

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Francis Hunger (1976, Dessau) is an artist, DJ, designer, programmer and media historian. He investigates subject matters such as information technology, the technological, economical and political consequences of globalization, the East-West conflict and gender roles. His installations, videos, photographs and web-based projects are mostly preceded by long periods of investigation and research. Besides his art practice, Francis Hunger engages in his own and in collaborative curatorial projects as well as publications on related topics. He lives in Leipzig.

  • editor, How I Learned to Love RFID, Dortmund: HMKV, 2006, [18] pp. (English)
  • editor, Satellite Voyeurism Reader, Dortmund: HMKV, 2008, 48 pp. (English)
  • Setun: eine Recherche über den sowjetischen Ternärcomputer / Setun. An Inquiry Into the Ternary Soviet Computer, Leipzig: Institut für Buchkunst, 2008, 200 pp. [1] (German)/(English)
  • editor, with Inke Arns, Anna Kournikova von memeright trusted system beseitigt / Anna Kournikova Deleted By Memeright Trusted System, Dortmund: Kettler, 2008, 224 pp. Catalogue. (German)/(English)
  • editor, with Patrick Funk, Satellite, Border, Footprints / Satellit, Grenze, Fussabdruck, Dortmund: HMKV, 2010, 115 pp. With essays by Lisa Parks, Francis Hunger, Patrick Funk and the participating artists. [2] [3]
  • editor, with Lena Brüggemann, Search Routines: Tales of Databases, Leipzig: D21 Kunstraum, 2015, 134 pp. Catalogue. (English)
  • more