Gheorghe Marinescu

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Gheorghe Marinescu (February 28, 1863, Bucharest – May 15, 1938, Bucharest) was a Romanian neurologist, professor at the Faculty of Medicine in Bucharest, member of the Romanian Academy, founder of the Romanian School of Neurology.


In the history of cinema it is famous for the first documentary film: Walking Troubles of Organic Hemiplegy [Tulburările mersului în hemiplegia organică, 1898]. The film depicts several patients walking in four directions against a black background before and after the treatment. Marinescu came to the idea of making the film after having used the chronophotography under the influence of Étienne-Jules Marey. Marinescu praised the use of the cinematographic techniques in the scientifically investigation.


Other documentary films
  • A Case of Hysterical Hemiplegia Cured Through Hypnotic Suggestion (1899)
  • Walking Difficulties Due to Progressive Locomotary Ataxia (1900)
  • Pseudo-Hypertrophic or Myosclerotic Paralysis Among Myopathies (1901)