Hartmut Jörg

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Born 1968. After an apprenticeship as a bookseller he studied at the University of Media/Stuttgart the management of libraries and media. Since 1997 he he has been working for the mediatheque at the ZKM Karlsruhe, his focus on audio documentation. 2003: presentation of the topic "Electroacoustic Music in Germany" at the Goethe_Institute Athens and lecture on the ZKM mediatheque-system on the ICHIM 03 [1] in Paris. 2004 exhibition "Sounding Electrons" with the historical studio for electronic composition of Hermann Heiss in the media lounge of the ZKM [2]. 2005 co-founder of the DEGEM webradio [3] and lecture on documentation during the conference of the "Museumsbund" in Karlsruhe [4].