James Agee

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James Agee
Born November 27, 1909(1909-11-27)
Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.
Died May 16, 1955(1955-05-16) (aged 45)
New York City, New York, U.S.

James Rufus Agee (November 27, 1909 – May 16, 1955) was an American journalist, poet, novelist, screenwriter and film critic. Pulitzer Prizewinner (1958) for posthumous novel A Death in the Family (1957). Agee is best known for Let Us Now Praise Famous Men (written 1936-40, published 1941), a prose account of 8 months visiting poor Alabama families in 1936 with photographer Walker Evans, whose pictures are integral to the project.

"If I could do it, I’d do no writing at all here. It would be photographs; the rest would be fagments of cloth, bits of cotton, lumps of earth, records of speech, pieces of wood and iron, phials of odors, plates of food and excrement. Booksellers would consider it quite a novelty; critics would murmur, yes, but is it art; and I could trust a majority of you to use it as you would a parlor game..." (wrote Agee in Let Us Now Praise Famous Men).


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