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  • Mavo, July 1924-August 1925, 7 issues. Published by Chōryūsha and edited by Tatsuo Okada and Tomoyoshi Murayama. Magazine inspired by Dada and by the irrationality in Zen. Changed name in October 1928 to Keisei gahō [Formative Pictorial] and became the private publication of Tatsuo Okada. Contributors included Toda Tatsuo and Yanase Masamu. [3]
Artist's books
  • Kyōjirō Hagiwara, Shikei senkoku [Death Sentence], Tokyo: Chōryūsha, 1925, 161+6 pp. Illustrated by Mavo. Anthology of visual poetry. [4]
  • Ernst Toller, Tsubame no sho [The Swallow Book], trans. Tomoyoshi Murayama, Tokyo: Chōryūsha, 1925, 106 pp. Illustrated by Tatsuo Okada. [5]
  • Hideo Saito, Aozameta douteikyo [The Pale-Faced Virgin's Mad Thoughts], Tokyo: Chōryūsha, 1926, 120 pp. Illustrated by Tatsuo Okada. Anthology of visual poetry. [6] [7]

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Philosophy of technology

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