Jonatán Pastirčák

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Jonatán Pastirčák, London, 2013. Photo: Tereza Červeňová.
Born Bratislava, Slovakia
Lives in Bratislava, Slovakia

Jonatán Pastirčák (1993, Bratislava) is a music producer, composer, sound engineer. Studied at the UAE Insitute in London. He made his first musical breakthrough at the age of nine when he formed the band Tucan with his peer Adam Matej. He has written electronic and electroacoustic music: as a duo Ink Midget & Pjoni he won the Radio Head Award (2011, 2012), and was part of the improvisation groups Veni Academy and Musica falsa et ficta. He has collaborated with Ján Šicko and Katarzia. He has performed in Germany, Poland, Norway, UK and Ukraine. He regularly composes music for theatre and dance productions (Skrat, Trakt), and has participated in audiovisual installations and performances (Plain, presented as part of Pioneer Works in New York). His film music collaborations include the award-winning documentaries Mečiar (2017), V síti (2020) and Čiary (2022), as well as the feature works Špína (2017) and Arvéd (2022). (2023)