László Péri

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Born 1899 in Budapest. Finished an apprenticeship as a bricklayer and became a student at the workshops for proletariat fine arts in 1919. He was in contact with Kassák and the Activists. In 1917 he began his career as an actor at the MA theater school, studying with János Mácsza. Studied architecture in 1919-20 in Budapest and Berlin. Moved to Berlin in 1921, where he created his first abstract geometric reliefs. In 1922 his portfolio containing twelve linocuts was published by Der Sturm Verlag. Showed at the 1923 Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellung and the November Group's exhibition. Constructivist design for a Lenin tribune for the German art exhibition in Moscow. 1923 joined the German Communist Party (KPD). Worked for the Berlin city building office from 1924 to 1928. Member of Die Abstrakten and Die Rote Gruppe. Shifted to realist sculpture and agitprop art. Immigrated to London in 1934. Moved to Camden in 1934. Co-founder of the Association of Artists for Revolutionary Proletarian Art. Contact with John Heartfield. Died in 1967 in London.


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