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'''Academy programs''': [[Nordic Sound Art]] (*2007).
'''Academy programs''': [[Nordic Sound Art]] (*2007).
'''Spaces''': [[Skånes konstförening]] culture centre and gallery, [[Ping-Pong]] gallery.
'''Spaces''': [http://www.iac.lu.se Inter Arts Center], [[Skånes konstförening]] culture centre and gallery, [[Ping-Pong]] gallery, Bergsgatan street, [http://www.signalsignal.org Signal] center for contemporary art (*1998).
'''Art workers''': [[Death & Vanilla]], [[Jakob Riis]] (1964), [[Jeuno JE Kim]], [[Zeenath Hasan]].
'''Art workers''': [[Death & Vanilla]], [http://www.smolicki.com/ Jacek Smolicki], [[Jakob Riis]] (1964), [[Jeuno JE Kim]], [http://forskning.mah.se/en/id/ag0707 Nikita Mazurov], [[Roel Roscam Abbing]], [http://medea.mah.se/2010/10/susan-kozel-professor-of-new-media/ Susan Kozel], [http://temiodumosu.com/ Temi Odumosu].
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Initiatives: Electrohype (*1999), Skånes konstförening (*1904).

Festivals: Electrohype electronic art biennial (*2000).

Academy programs: Nordic Sound Art (*2007).

Spaces: Inter Arts Center, Skånes konstförening culture centre and gallery, Ping-Pong gallery, Bergsgatan street, Signal center for contemporary art (*1998).

Art workers: Death & Vanilla, Jacek Smolicki, Jakob Riis (1964), Jeuno JE Kim, Nikita Mazurov, Roel Roscam Abbing, Susan Kozel, Temi Odumosu.

  • Malmo at Indie Travel Guide, [1]

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