Matrica slovenská

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Dušan Barok


Matrica slovenská




software performance, digital image


Documentation of a performance which took place on 24 April 2006 as a part of the Mobile Studios exhibition in Bratislava, Slovakia. In the performance an archive of digital (JPEG) reproductions of works by Slovak visual artists including Martin Benka, Ladislav Medňanský, Miloš Urbásek, Ivan Štubňa, Tamara Klimová, Július Koller, Milan Dobeš, Dezider Tóth, Daniel Fischer, and Mária Čorejová, downloaded from the web, was screened as a slideshow onto large canvas in a public space. As in case of broken images caused by unstable internet connection, or by bad sector on a hard drive, the projected digital images missed their file parts. The performance explored the nature of digital medium, its unique properties as well as its function as an archive.