Media art and culture

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The term media art is useful and used for projects bringing up the technological, social, cultural, legal and political issues that come along with the emergence of new media. Since 1990s the new media have included internet, web, mobiles, wireless, GPS, and others. Media culture in this regard uses and is used by new media.


Media art includes projects exploring technological issues of emerging tools - devices (video, computer, mobile devices), software and technological standards (internet, software, code, computer games, streaming, GPS). These projects usually focus on the manuevre limitations, stereotypes of perception, or aesthetics of these tools.

Looking at the media art and culture mailing lists, conferences and festivals, the current discussions are held on accessibility of data/software/devices, protection of identity, democratization of electromagnetic spectrum, social web and responsibility in world affairs. Projects dealing with such social, cultural, legal and political issues stemmed from media art discourse and still can be considered as a part of it.