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Monoskop is a collaborative wiki research on the history of media art and culture.

Admin: db at societyofalgorithm dot org

Monoskop presentations

Prague, February 2006

At the New Media programs in the Czech Republic seminar by User:Dusan. Variation of the text appeared in the Mag.Net publication in March 2006. Monoskop/Prague 2006 presentation

Prague, June 2007

At the Glocals and Outsiders conference by User:Dusan. Monoskop/Prague 2007 talk

Bratislava, May 2011

At the New Media Art & Digital Art Meeting Point seminar by User:Dusan. PDF (Slovak)

Tallinn, October 2011

At the Gateways: Workshop for Curators from Central and Eastern Europe by Mária Rišková.

Zagreb, December 2011

At the G33koskop seminar in Mama, by User:Dusan. The first public presentation of still offline Monoskop file archive. Monoskop/Zagreb 2011 talk.


  • Eva Krátká, "Monoskop: Collaborative Research on Media Art", Flash Art 9, 2008. (Czech) PDF


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