Mykhail Semenko

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Mykhail Semenko (Михайль Семенко, 19 (31) December 1892, Kibintsy village, Myrhorod district, Poltava province, Russian Empire - 24 October 1937, NKVD prison, Kyiv) was a poet of the Executed Renaissance; founder and theorist of Ukrainian futurism (also known as panfuturism), organiser of futurist groups, editor of many publications.

He modernised Ukrainian poetry with urban themes, bold experiments with the form of verse, introduced new images and created words designed to reflect the new industrialised era. He died during the Stalinist terror.

Son of the writer Mariia Proskurivna. [1]

  • Mystetstvo [Art], eds. H. Mykhailychenko and Mykhail Semenko, 1919-. [2]
  • Semafor u maibutnie, ed. Mykhail Semenko, 1922. Futurist. [3]
  • Katafalk iskusstva [Catafalque of Art], ed. Mykhail Semenko, 1922. Futurist.
  • Nova Generatsiia [New Generation], ed. Mykhail Semenko, 1927-1930. Collaborators included Eisenstein, Vertov, Mayakovsky, Tatlin, Malevich, Georgian Futurists, and numerous European artists.
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