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[[Category:Electromagnetism|Borissova, Natalia]]
[[Category:Electromagnetism|Borissova, Natalia]]
[[Category:Circuit bending|Borissova, Natalia]]

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Nata(lia)sha Borissova is Moscow born, Munich/Berlin-based media artist and organizer working in a diy, explorative, and process-related way. She has studied Book Design at Moscow State University of Printing Arts (formal VKhUTEMAS/ Vkhutein). Since 1995 she has been experimenting with visual media while living in Moscow, Berlin, Stuttgart, Buffalo/ NY and Munich. She has spent some time as a visiting professor, lecturing on Motion imaging at State University/Buffalo, NY (SUNY), and has been selected for several grants and artists' residencies in Europe (Soros Center/Moscow, ZKM/ Kartsruhe, Schloss Solitude/ Stuttgart, Moks/Mooste-Estonia, The Academy of Fine Arts/Munich, Cultural department of Munich, Bezirk Oberbayern/Munich, Connected/Poellau-Austria and other). Since 2006 she has been working with d.i.y electronics, low-power organic systems/technology, electromagnetic fields and noise, giving workshops and independently running aa-vv.org - a migrating zone for informal education, lab-style projects, creative workshops, as well as those self- (de)constructivist, experiment-based, temporal norms-forms abandoning situations. Gradually her main interest is shifting from showing to looking, from hearing to listening, from art to life, from life to... the dead frog (alive).