Oleg Tarasov

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Oleg Yur'evich Tarasov (1972) is a Senior Research Fellow in the Department of Cultural History of the Institute of Slavic Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow. He has written extensively on icons, painting and cultural history.


  • Ikona i blagochestie: ocherki ikonnogo dela v imperatorskoi Rossii, Moscow: Progress-Kul'tura, 1995, PDF.
    • Icon and Devotion. Sacred Spaces in Imperial Russia, trans. & ed. Robin Milner-Gulland, London: Reaktion Books, 2002, PDF, PDF. (English)
  • Rama i obraz. Ritorika obramleniya v russkom iskusstve, Moscow: Progress-Traditsiya, 2007.
    • Framing Russian Art: From Early Icons to Malevich, trans. Antony Wood and Robert Milner-Gulland, London: Reaktion Books, 2011, PDF. (English)
  • Laboratornye raboty po fizike s voprosami i zadaniyami uchebnoe posobie - ("Professionalnoe obrazovanie") (GRIF)/ Laboratory work on the physics of questions and tasks training manual - ("vocational education") (neck), Forum, 2010.
  • Toponimika rayonov pozdnego zaseleniya: Perspektivy issledovaniy, Lap Lambert Academic Publishing, 2013.