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(Johann) Paul Keller was born in 1974. Holds a masters degree in Comparative Political Science (UvA 2002). Before joining Waag Society in November 2002 he worked as a cycle messenger, web developer and festival editor (next5minutes). Heads the Public Domain programme of Waag Society. The activities of the Public Domain programme focus on the legal and social aspects of the network society. The current focus of this programma lies on issues related to intelectual property rights (Copyrights on the internet, Creative Commons, Access to knowledge). Also coordinates Waag Societies international Exchange programmes, specifically the Waag Sarai Exchange Platform (together with Sarai/CSDS in Delhi, India and the Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore, India) and the EU-India project 'Towards a Culture of Open Networks' (a Collaboration with Sarai/CSDS and Public Netbase/t0 from Vienna). Also edits and runs