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Born May 10, 1876(1876-05-10)
Paris, France
Died July 27, 1973(1973-07-27) (aged 97)
Paris, France

Paul Menu (1876–1973) was a documentary photographer and operator, the son of a French optician.

He is the author of the first films shot in Romania, on 10 May 1897. The three newsreels he filmed at the initiative of the newspaper L’Indépendence Roumaine were presented on 8 June 1897 to an invited audience. In total, between 10 May and 20 June 1897 he filmed 17 newsreels.

In 1898 he gave up cinematography for good, selling his camera to Gheorghe Marinescu.

Filmography (as operator)
  • Defilare de 10 mai, 1897.
  • M.S. Regele călare ocupând locul pe bulevard pentru a prezida defilarea, 1897.
  • M.S. Regina în trăsură și M.S. Regele călare revenind la palat escortați de statul major regal și de atașații militari străini [H.M. the King Riding to the Palace, Escorted by his General Staff and by the Foreign Military Attachés], 1897.
  • Târgul Moșilor (I) [The Moshilor Fair (I)], 1897.
  • Târgul Moșilor (II) [The Moshilor Fair (II)], 1897.
  • "Cântarul" la hipodromul Băneasa [The Hippodrome and the Races at Baneasa], 1897.
  • Tribunele la cursele de la Băneasa, 1897.
  • Terasa cafenelei Capșa [The Terrace of the Capșa Café], 1897.
  • La șosea (I), 1897.
  • La șosea (II), 1897.
  • "Bufetul" de la șosea, 1897.
  • Bastimentele flotiliei de pe Dunăre [The Ships of the Danube Fleet], 1897.
  • Exercițiile marinarilor flotiliei de pe Dunăre [The Training of Terrestrial Marines], 1897.
  • Inundațiile de la Galați (I-IV) [The Flood in Galatzi], 1897.
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