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* https://soundcloud.com/pavel-ondracka
* https://soundcloud.com/pavel-ondracka
* http://pavelondracka.tumblr.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/PabloOndracka
* https://www.facebook.com/PabloOndracka

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Pavel Ondračka (*2013) is an experimental performance group interested in noise music, DIY electronic instruments, hacking and new media, based in Brno.


  • Petr Dočkal (aka Markéta Wagnerová): electrified ukulele, wireless drum stick /hacked usb genius wizard stick/, sonified gas mask /screeches, vocals/ and ableton live /rhytms, crazy pads/
  • Andreas Gajdošík: ableton live /rhytms, random sound generators/, radical impro speech, (no-input) mixing console, wireless drum stick, wireless motion MIDI controller, sound reactive lights
  • Jonáš Svoboda: guitar (+effects), ableton live /mostly tonal/