Pavel Ondračka

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Pavel Ondračka (*2013) is an experimental performance group interested in noise music, DIY electronic instruments, hacking and new media, based in Brno.


  • Petr Dočkal (aka Markéta Wagnerová): electrified ukulele, wireless drum stick /hacked usb genius wizard stick/, sonified gas mask /screeches, vocals/ and ableton live /rhytms, crazy pads/
  • Andreas Gajdošík: ableton live /rhytms, random sound generators/, radical impro speech, (no-input) mixing console, wireless drum stick, wireless motion MIDI controller, sound reactive lights
  • Jonáš Svoboda: guitar (+effects), ableton live /mostly tonal/

Ex-members: Tomáš Sedláček, Jozef Mrva, Petr Pololánik.


  • Communist MIDIfesto [1] - a website through which spectators can get control over sounds and projections at stage. Data from faders are sent to our custom program which converts them to midi or OSC messages.
  • Rumours to MIDI - an experimental program for musical exploring of social media space. It searches for user defined words in stream of newest tweets and outputs the occurrence as MIDI notes. Windows version available for free [2]. Python script can be requested through mail.