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* [http://www.fba.ul.pt/pos-digital-media-artes-design-conferencia-design-comunicacao-fbaul/ Pós-digital (media, artes, design)], University of Lisbon, 20 Mar 2015.
* [http://www.fba.ul.pt/pos-digital-media-artes-design-conferencia-design-comunicacao-fbaul/ Pós-digital (media, artes, design)], University of Lisbon, 20 Mar 2015.
[[Image:Ludovico_Alessandro_Post-Digital_Print.jpg|thumb|200px|Alessandro Ludovico, ''Post-Digital Print'', 2012, [http://monoskop.org/log/?p=4165 Log], [[Media:Ludovico%2C_Alessandro_-_Post-Digital_Print._The_Mutation_of_Publishing_Since_1894.pdf|PDF]].]]
[[Image:A_Peer-Reviewed_Journal_About_Post-Digital_Research.jpg|thumb|200px|''A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Post-Digital Research'', 2014, [http://monoskop.org/log/?p=10885 Log], [http://www.aprja.net/?page_id=1291 HTML].]]
[[Image:Conrads_Morlok_eds_War_postdigital_besser.gif|thumb|200px|Martin Conrads, Franziska Morlok (eds.), ''War postdigital besser?'', 2014, [http://monoskop.org/log/?p=16044 Log], [[Media:Conrads_Morlok_eds_War_postdigital_besser.pdf|PDF]].]]
[[Image:Ludovico_Alessandro_Post-Digital_Print.jpg|thumb|258px|Alessandro Ludovico, ''Post-Digital Print'', 2012. [http://monoskop.org/log/?p=4165 Download].]]
[[Image:A_Peer-Reviewed_Journal_About_Post-Digital_Research.jpg|thumb|258px|''A Peer-Reviewed Journal About Post-Digital Research'', 2014. [http://www.aprja.net/?page_id=1291 View online].]]
; Books
; Books

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Alessandro Ludovico, Post-Digital Print, 2012, Log, PDF.
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Martin Conrads, Franziska Morlok (eds.), War postdigital besser?, 2014, Log, PDF.


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Fields and theories: Classics, Art history, History of architecture, Anthropology, Semiotics, Philosophy of technology, Marxist aesthetics, Design research, Humanities computing, Structuralism, Poststructuralism, Mediology, Media archaeology, Cyberfeminism, Cultural techniques, Neuroaesthetics, Posthumanities, Sensory ethnography, Media ecology, Digital humanities, Software studies, Modern periodical studies, Accelerationism.
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