Régis Debray

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Jules Régis Debray (1940) is a French philosopher, journalist, former government official and academic.


(in French unless noted otherwise)


  • Le scribe, Genèse du politique, Grasset, 1980.
  • Critique de la raison politique ou l’inconscient religieux, Gallimard, 1981; 1987.
    • Critique of Political Reason, Verso, 2014, 384 pp. [2] (English)
  • Cours de médiologie générale, bibliothèque des idées, Paris: Gallimard, 1991.
  • L’œil naïf, Paris: Seuil, 1994.
  • Transmettre, Odile Jacob, 1997.
    • Transmitir, trans. Horacio Pons, Buenos Aires: Manantial, 1997, 190 pp. (Spanish)
    • Transmitting Culture, trans. Eric Rauth, New York: University of Columbia Press, 2000, 155 pp, ARG, ch.1; 2004. Review, Commentary. (English)
  • Les enjeux et les moyens de la transmission, Plein Feux, 1998.
  • Des machines et des âmes, Descartes & Cie, 2002.
  • with Patrice Hugues and Patrick Bazin, Dictionnaire culturel du tissu, Babylone/Fayard, 2005.


  • Cahiers de médiologie, ed. Régis Debray, journal, 1996-2004.
  • Medium, ed. Régis Debray, quarterly journal, since 2004.
  • Les Cahiers de médiologie. Une anthologie, CNRS Éditions, 2009.

Selected articles[edit]

  • "Remarks on the Spectacle", trans. Eric Rauth, New Left Review I/214, Nov-Dec 1995. [4]. Talk given at the conference Towards a Theory of the Image held at the Jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht in 1995. (English)
  • "Socialism: A Life Cycle", New Left Review 46, Jul-Aug 2007, pp 5-28, PDF. (English)
  • "Decline of the West?", New Left Review 80, Mar-Apr 2013. [5] (English)



  • Constantina Papoulias, "Of Tools and Angels: Régis Debray’s Mediology", Theory, Culture & Society 21 (Jun 2004), pp 165-170, PDF. (English)
  • Frederic Vandenberghe, "Regis Debray and Mediation Studies, or How Does an Idea Become a Material Force?", Thesis Eleven 89 (May 2007), pp 23-42, PDF. (English)
  • Steven Maras, "On Transmission: A Metamethodological Analysis (after Régis Debray)", The Fibreculture Journal 12 (2008), HTML. (English)

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