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Logging the Present
Artist: Richard Loskot (CZ)
Venue: G99 Gallery, House of Lords of Kunstat, The Brno House of Art

The installation Logging the Present draws on the work of the eminent Polish author of concrete poetry Stanisław Dróżdż (1939–2009), in particular his piece Untitled (Clocks) [Bez tytułu (zegary), 1978]. In this work, Dróżdż developed his own system which allowed him to control clocks. His concept, based on combining clock hands that engender their own time, inspired the young Czech author Richard Loskot to produce 12 systems in which each measures its own time upon different actions. Hyperbolically speaking, the author offers various time measuring models based on water dripping, plant growth or rotation of the gramophone record. In the second part of this installation, the viewer is incorporated into the temporary image.

“We have always derived certain temporal divisions from a natural course of events. The alternation between day and night is the most natural and in a way absolute for us, but as we know, even this is not thoroughly regular. Empirically, we have found the most accurate part of time, the rhythm which lets us measure all happenings. The atomic clock time, for instance, is based on the caesium half-life. When we fast-forward a film with a plant in it , its motion might appear entirely alive and we should not interfere with its own time. Every tone of a melody also appears after a certain time. In everyday life, we usually do not ask but rather look at our watch: for us, the time is something to count and measure. The most common conception of time originates from Aristotle: Time is a measured movement with regard to ‘before’ and ‘after’.” (Richard Loskot)

Part of the Remake exhibition.