Ry Nikonova

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Ry Nikonova (Ры Никонова, born Anna Aleksandrovna Tarshis, 1942, Yeysk, Russia - 2014, Kiel, Germany) was a Russian artist, poet, avant-gardist. She was writing since 1959, creating art since 1962, and making sound poetry since 1983.

She was the founder of Uktuss School (1964–1974) in Sverdlovsk, Russia, editor and author of samizdat magazines Nomer (1965–1975), Transponans (1979–1988), Double (1991–2000).

She left the legacy of many paintings, drawings, ground-breaking poetry (traditional and visual) and novels, as well as sadly yet unpublished theoretic works. She gave performances in Saint-Petersburg, Budapest, Kiev. She also was very active in Mail art movement, participating in numerous exhibitions around the world. (Source)