Shusha Niederberger

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Shusha Niederberger researches and teaches in the field of art, culture and digitality. She studied visual and digital arts in Zurich and Vienna, was head of art education at the House of Electronic Arts (HeK) in Basel (2014-2021), and teaches contemporary net culture at F+F Schule für Kunst und Design in Zurich. She was part of the research project Creating Commons (2017-2019, IFCAR, ZHDK), which investigated digital artistic practices as commons. She is currently writing her PhD on user data practices as part of the research project Latent Spaces - Performing the Ambiguity of Data (IFCAR, ZHDK). She lives near Zurich. (2021)


  • "Zugang ist nicht genug: die gemeinschaftliche Arbeit an der Kultur", in Share: Medientechnologie und Kulturvermittlung, ed. Haus der elektroninschen Künste, Christoph Merian, 2018. (German)