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; Articles
; Articles
* [[Matthew Fuller]]. ''6 Questions in search of a network. Interview with Simon Pope''. 2005. http://www.ambulantscience.org/legacy_projects/art_for_networks/a4n_texts/6_questions_network.pdf
* [[Matthew Fuller]]. ''6 Questions in search of a network. Interview with Simon Pope''. http://www.ambulantscience.org/legacy_projects/art_for_networks/a4n_texts/6_questions_network.pdf

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Artist. Born Exeter, UK in 1966. Lives in Cardiff, UK. Works in Brussels and London. Researching walking & sociality in contemporary visual art practice at Transmedia, Hogeschool Sint Lukas, Brussels (2005-). Awarded a NESTA Fellowship to investigate walking as a contemporary art practice, (2002-2005). Represented Wales at their inaugural exhibition at the Venice Biennale of Fine Art 2003. Research Associate, Goldsmith's College, (2005-) Curated the touring exhibition, Art for Networks, (2001-3). Author of London Walking (Ellipsis, 2000). Former Course Director of the BA/BSc(hons) Design for Interactive Media programme at UWIC, Cardiff. (2002)

Former member of I/O/D. Previous work includes the collaborative, software project, IOD 4: The Web Stalker, (2000). Designed "Art for Networks" site with Matthew Fuller, which explores the work of artists creating both physical and virtual networks. Author of London Walking, a handbook for survival that explores the many liminal zones of the City, where the City contests its own existence.