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Born 1939 in Sławków. In the late 1950s he moved to Wrocław, where he stayed for the rest of his life.

"In the times of my secondary school and my university studies the idea had often recurred to me: why is it so that a poem, a story, a novel etc. begin just in some given place and come to an end just in another one? - so I have set my mind on producing works that are devoid of such a feature, confining myself to the pure text."

In 1964 he started writing poetry, and in 1967/1968 pojęciokształty: poezja konkretna--works on the border of poetry and visual art. Since concrete poetry requires to be shown in space, Dróżdż made individual exhibitions and participated in group shows, and since 1971 worked on steady basis with the Foksal Gallery and other galleries. His texts were realized in the form of manuscripts, photographic prints, computer prints and spatial installations. Using words, numbers and letters he aimed to develop a new visual and semantic qualities; and use a minimum of text to maximise the associative content. In 1979 he has edited a book Poezja konkretna (Concrete poetry). In 2005 he exhibited computer prints of his concrete poetry on thirty boards at the Foksal Gallery. In 2009 there was a retrospective exhibition of his work at the National Museum in Wrocław, travelled to other locations. His works from the 60s are permanently shown at the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw.

Collaborated with Michał Bieganowski.

He was a member of the Union of Polish Artists.

In 2003 he represented Poland at the Venice Biennale with the work Alea iacta est composed of approximately 250 000 dices, showing all 46 656 combinations of 6 dices.

He has been active in animating the concrete movement in Poland, and has organized numerous theoretical symposiums focusing on concrete poetry. His poems have been published in numerous magazines and exhibition catalogues in Poland and abroad.

Died 2009 in Wrocław.



  • Monograph, Wrocław, 2009. Catalogue for his retrospective exhibition the Centre for Contemporary Art in Warsaw. Includes essays by Grzegorz Dziamski, Tadeusz Sławek, and Elżbieta Łubowicz.

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