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Surf clubs is an artist-run, invitation-only group animated/image/sound blog.




Online exhibitions
Gallery exhibitions

Reponses to

  • Guthrie Lonergan, Hacking vrs. defaults chart (2007) [9]


  • Kevin Bewersdorf, "Spirit Surfing", Mar 2008. Surf clubs via Cornellian wunderkammern. [10]
  • Marcin Ramocki, "Surfing Clubs: organized notes and comments", May 2008. Surf clubs via semiotic play. [11]
  • Marisa Olson, "Lost Not Found: The Circulation of Images in Digital Visual Culture", Sep 2008. Surf clubs via film montage. [12]
  • Tom Moody, "New Media vs Artists with Computers", Nov 2008. Surf clubs via Duchampian found objects. [13]
  • Curt Cloninger, "Commodify Your Consumption: Tactical Surfing / Wakes of Resistance", Feb 2009. Artistic surfing from the perspective of de Certeau's 'tactical consumer'. video lecture [14]
  • Post Internet, blog, *2009. [15]
  • Cecilia Guida, "Youtube as a subject. Interview with Constant Dullaart", Sep 2010. [16]
  • Brad Troemel, "What Relational Aesthetics Can Learn From 4Chan", Sep 2010. [17]
  • Brandon Bauer, "To Open […] To Collect […] To Expand […] To Continue: Richard Serra’s Verb List, Post-Internet Appropriation, and the Culture of the Use of Forms", Pool, December 2011. [18]

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