Tomáš Pospiszyl

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Tomáš Pospiszyl (1967) is an art historian, critic and curator based in Prague. He focuses on Czech and world art of the 20th and 21st century. Pospiszyl works at the Centre of Audiovisual Studies at FAMU (since 2003) and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (since 2012), where he also serves as the head of the Department of Theory and History of Art. Since its foundation he has been affiliated with the association.

Tomáš Pospiszyl worked as a curator in The National Gallery in Prague (1997-2002). He was a research fellow at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (2000), and served at the editorial board of Umelec magazine.

His publications include the anthology Primary Documents; A Sourcebook for Eastern and Central European Art since the 1950s (2002), which he edited with Laura Hoptman, two volumes of his essays, Srovnávací studie (2005) and Asociativní dějepis umění (2014), and numerous catalogue essays and magazine articles.