Tom Verbruggen

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Tom Verbruggen aka TokTek is a Dutch musician, instrument maker, hardware hacker and visual artist. He designs and deconstructs his own electronic instruments, giving his music a unique character and allowing him to improvise live on stage with the help of a joystick - the central piece in his live equipment.

Behind TokTek stands musician and visual artist Tom Verbruggen, who aside from building his own instruments is an improviser: synths, toys and computer become instruments. His eclectic electronic style has been described as illogical hardware bending, where the outcome creates dramatic live compositions, which break down into delicate and tender sound moments.

In one of his incarnations, he performs with VJ MNK (Karl Klomp) - a video artist that hacks/bends video equipment like videomixers. The performance is about live sampling and (de)structuring of sound and video noise using DIY instruments.