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* [http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urmuz_(revist%C4%83) Urmuz at Romanian Wikipedia]
* [http://ro.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urmuz_(revist%C4%83) Urmuz at Romanian Wikipedia]
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Urmuz: vitrină de artă nouă was a Romanian avant-garde magazine, director: Geo Bogza published at Câmpina (1928) with only 5 numbers, between january and june-july 1928. Named after the pseudonymous of poet Urmuz, the magazine had elements of dadaism and constructivism.


Urmuz 1 (January 1928). Download.
Urmuz 2 (February 1928). Download.
Urmuz 3 (Mars-April 1928). Download.
Urmuz 4 (May 1928). Download.
Urmuz 5 (June-July 1928). Download.

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