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VX:mission looked at how distribution of Social Justice Video is happening using Free and Open Source technology. Took place on 18-20 January 2008 in Amsterdam. Event associated with the transmission network.

Participants: Agora TV (Argentina), Asia 247 (Malaysia), Alt-med-res (U.K.), Burn Station (Catalunya), Candida TV (Italy), Clearer Channel (U.K.), Deckspace (U.K.), Deptford.tv (U.K.), Democracy Now! (U.S.A.), Rasta Soft (international), EngageMedia (Australia), Exequo (U.K.), Hackitectura (Spain), IFIwatch.tv (U.K.), IMC Video (international), InsuTV (Italy), Jinbonet (South-Korea), Labournet (South-Korea), M2HZ (Finland), Media Culture Action -- Against Neoliberal Globalization (South-Korea), Moviments (Catalunya), Mute (U.K.), NGVision (Italy), Obin.org (Poland), OurMedia (U.S.), Openmute (U.K.), Participatory Culture Foundation (Democracy Player) (U.S.A.), People's media Chamsesang (South-Korea), Poool (Austria), r23 (Catalunya), Rafilm (Sweden), Real2Reel (U.K.), Revolt Video (Ireland), Sanance Artistic Network (Austria), Tactical Engage Media (Netherlands), The People Speak (U.K.), V2V (Germany), Witness (U.S.A.)

Sequel to events: Transmission in Rome (2006), Re-transmission in London (2006).