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Waag Society is a knowledge institute operating on the cutting edge of culture and technology in relation to society, education, government and industry.

It carries out research, develops new concepts and software applications and initiates the debate in the form of public events on the cutting edge of old and new media. Its research and development programme is focused on the possible ways in which people express themselves, how they can learn and how they can work together using (new) media.

The Waag Society / for old and new media foundation was set up on 1st December 1994 and resides in the Waag monument at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam since 1996. Founders were Caroline Nevejan and Marleen Stikker, who is still Waag Society's director. Before, Stikker was the mayor of the The Digital City, the first internet community in the Netherlands.

Staff include Paul Keller (Public Domain programme), Sher Doruff (Research Dissemination programme), Frank Kresin (programme manager), Klaas Hernamdt (managing director), Janine Huizenga (creative director), Rinske Hordijk (programme manager Creative Learning), Floor van Spaendonck (Connected programme), Paulien Melis (project manager), Martijn van Seventer (project manager) and many others.