Zafer Topaloglu

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Zafer Topaloglu, former video artist and documentary filmmaker based in Rotterdam and İstanbul, is now part of the artist duo Backtopoints. He holds a B.A in Film-Tv from Istanbul Bilgi University, and an MDes in Media Design from the Willem de Kooning Academy, Piet Zwart Institute.

Backtopoints is an artist duo that Zafer founded with his bro Tuna Topaloglu. Before forming the Duo, Zafer was a practicing video artist who is active at the international video/film arts scene, and exhibited at many international festivals such as European Media Art Festival, Darklight Film Festival, Videobrasil, Videomedeja, Videoformes, India Art Fair, Room Art Fair, Les Instant Video Art Festival, Art Bengaluru Fair among others while Tuna was working on his own video game.

Their passion for being and working together brought them together and they started the duo. They work on a practice that transports the audience to a space where they could meet an understanding of beauty beyond the visible world by using particle, fluid, smoke and rigid body simulations and combining these with 3d modeling operations in their works.

Aside from many NFT platforms, such as Knownorigin, Foundation, Formfunction and Makersplace among athers, Backtopoints has recently exhibited at the Muze Gazhane and EmaarArtHub İstanbul, and has recently completed a commissioned special NFT work for the international marketing agency YKONE.