Zafer Topaloglu

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Zafer Topaloglu is a video artist and documentary filmmaker based in İstanbul, Turkey. He holds a B.A in Film-Tv from Istanbul Bilgi University, and an MDes in Media Design from the Willem de Kooning Academie, Piet Zwart Institute. Over the last four years his video works have been screened at numerous international festivals and galleries such as European Media Arts Festival, Videobrasil Contemporary Art Festival, Screen Festival Barcelona, Instants Video Arts Festival, Videoformes, Darklight Film Festival, Timishort Film Festival, DokumentART, Tent Gallery among others.

His video works register and question the situations, events, and ways of perceptions through which manifold power agents impose their own agendas and ways of understanding and perception on the Other emotionally or physically. Approaching those occasions with aesthetic traits culled from Experimental Documentary and Video Essay, he exposes both the vulnerability of the Other in front of the Power agents and various aspects of their operations on the Other by working with mostly single screen video works and at some occasions multiple screen video installations.